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Shangri-La Frequently asked Questions: 

Executive Memberships allow for a 14 day in advance reservation, while Social Members may reserve tee times 10 days in advance. Non-Members may book tee times one week in advance.
Shuttle services are provided from the Marina for golf course, clubhouse and restaurant access. For your convenience and to limit waiting time, we recommend you schedule the service in advance by
calling 918-257-4204.
Restaurant reservations may be made by calling the Summit at 918-257-4200. Executive Memberships allow for a 14 day in advance reservation, while Social Members may reserve 10 days in advance. Non-Members may secure reservations 24 hours in advance.
Proper Golf Attire is required to use the golf facilities:

• Men – No denim, cut off shorts, bathing suits or tank tops may be worn while using the golf facilities. A collared shirt is required at all times.

• Women – No denim, cut off shorts, bathing suits or halter tops may be worn while using the golf facilities.

• Footwear – Golf shoes are required to use the golf facilities. Any other footwear must be approved by the Professional Staff. Metal spikes are prohibited.

Casual attire is required in the clubhouse and restaurant:

• Although there are few restrictions in the club or restaurant, we ask all patrons to dress respectfully and adhere to the atmosphere of casual elegance.

• No swimwear or cover-ups are permitted in the club or restaurant.

• Swimwear with an appropriate cover-up is permitted on the upper patio when seating is available.

Gift Cards purchased at Shangri-La may be used at any of our facilities including the Marina Ship Store and Fuel Dock. Gift Cards are not valid at Doc’s Restaurant or Eddy’s Lakeside Bar.

Personal Coolers are not allowed on the Shangri-La premises unless used for medical purposes.
At Shangri-La, we strive to provide a traditional golf experience and walking is permitted and encouraged. Golf pricing is based upon golf course usage therefore the price for a round of golf is the same whether a player walks or rides with exception. If an Executive Member Walks, he/she pays no fees.
The fitness area is available with key card access only between 4:30AM and 2:00AM. www.shangrilaok.com 
The golf course can be accessed on days that the club is closed by members only and when permission is granted by the Professional Staff. There is no open access to the golf course at any time.
Although reservations are not required, they are strongly recommended. The dining tables in the Buffalo Bar may be reserved, however the bar itself and upper patio area are open seating only.
We have a variety of spaces available for private parties and special events. Please contact our special events department at events@shangrilaok.com with inquiries.
Oklahoma liquor laws vary from county to county. In counties such as ours, where sale of liquor by the individual drink is legal, the law provides that no alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the premises by customers or members. We are, therefore, prohibited by law from allowing guests to bring privately owned wines into the Shangri-La facilities. The law does allow us to “cork” partially consumed bottles of wine purchased at Shangri-La. Guests may take the re-corked wine with them when leaving our facilities.
Oklahoma law prohibits the sale of 3.2 beer prior to noon on Sundays. Laws and regulations regarding the sale of wine, strong beer and alcoholic beverages by the individual drink vary from county to county in Oklahoma. At our location in Delaware County, the sale of wine, strong beer and alcoholic beverages is prohibited until 1:00 p.m. on Sundays. Monday-Saturday such sales are prohibited prior to 10:00 a.m. and the sale of 3.2 beer is prohibited until 7:00 a.m.
Shangri-La is very proud of its history as the destination resort in the region and also its loyal club members. Although the club will never be a strictly “members only” club, non-member access will be limited in the future to those customers staying on our property. There is no immediate time frame for this policy.
All play must start under the direction of the Professional Staff. No access to the golf course is permitted without first checking in at the Golf Shop and until directed to the appropriate starting hole.

The new 13,000 square foot Club House houses our Pro Shop and resident Golf Pros. Whether you’re a novice looking for a couple of pointers or ready for a round of championship play, our staff and facility is poised to accommodate. We also offer Grand Lake’s finest dining in The Summit Restaurant and plenty of sports action on the screens of The Buffalo Bar. Boat and personal watercraft rentals, parasailing, yacht charters and more are available at the Shangri-La Marina in partnership with Sail Grand Waterfront, and there are a host of bars and clubs offering late night dancing and fun within two miles of our Club House including Doc’s Restaurant and Eddy’s Lakeside Bar at Shangri-La Marina which offers live bands Saturday nights (and Sunday nights on holiday weekends) from Memorial Day through Labor Day annually.